Do you have knives and tools:

That cannot slice a tomato, carve wood, or even open a box?

That you don’t know how to sharpen?

That you replace because they get dull quickly?

Require honing rods, complex sharpening systems, or even replacement?

At SHARPWORX we can make you love your knives and tools again.

Sharpening Options

MarkI Sharpener

Great for sharpening kitchen knives, pocket knives, tools, and chisels. It is an adjustable angle sharpener from 10° to 40° making it perfect for most knives tools.

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MarkII Sharpener

Great for sharpening kitchen knives. It has a preset angle of 20° that is perfect for most knives.

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Many people don’t get to enjoy the experience of using a sharp knife or tool, so SHARPWORX created a sharpener that transforms your knives and tools into razor-sharp quality instruments. When you have a sharp knife or tool, you begin to enjoy cooking, woodworking, and utility tasks.


Razor Sharp

Whether you have cheap knives and tools or expense knives and tools turn them into something you love using.

Sharpen like a Professional

Chefs and craftsmen use sharpening stones to sharpen their knives to a precise angle, it takes them years to perfect this skill. With this system you can sharpen the same way in a matter of minutes.

Support American Industry

Designed and made in Houston, TX with US supplied components.

Be an artisan

These days so many things are disposable. Get back to the basics and learn an artisan skill that will improve your food, craftsmanship, and life.

Product Features

Instant Use

Instantly use the sharpener with no set up time.

Perfect Blade Angle

Keep you blade at a perfect angle as it moves along the stone.

Angle Trainer

Progress from guided training to free hand.

You can get your knives and tools sharp too:


That is ingenious...... Freehand made easy

fldiver JC

Great item! Fast shipping. Works excellent!


Used it for hair clipper blades this morning for the first time  ...worked like a charm

John V

About SharpWorx

Why our product?

At SHARPWORX, we know you want to enjoy using sharp knives and tools to prepare your fresh food and practicing your craft. To do that you need a sharp knife and tool that can do the job. The problem is many people don’t know how to sharpen, which makes using your knife and tool difficult. We believe everyone should enjoy their knives and tools and the delicious food or craftsmanship that goes with it. We understand you don’t want to damage your fancy knives and tools while also wanting a sharp knife and tool. That’s why we’ve spent 100’s of hours engineering the perfect sharpening tool. Here’s how it works:

1.      Set the angle

2.      Set the stone

3.      Sharpen

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…   So, purchase the sharpener and stop fighting your knife and tool and damaging your food and start enjoying a razor-sharp knife and tool to prepare your food.