Knife Sharpeners with Angle Guides

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You'll sharpen like a pro and have razor sharp knives and tools.

Having a dull tool slows you down!

Dull tools are dangerous!

With your tool sharpened, cutting, slicing and carving is easy, quick, and accurate

You no longer need to struggle with a dull blade!

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Adjustable Angle FEatures

Embedded Magnets

The embedded neodymium magnets hold the knife securely to the angle.

Removable Gate

The adjustable gate keeps the knife from sliding forward making the sharpener easy to use.

Adjustable Angle (10° to 40°)

Adjustable angle makes sharpening a range of tools simple with only a single device.


The only guide you'll ever need to keep your tools
sharp time and time again!

To have razor sharp tools:

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Choose between a standard sharpener or an adjustable sharpener with access to instructional videos.

Sharpen Your Tools!

Conveniently sharpen all your unique tools in minutes.

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Sharpen any tool at any time for professional performance.

Anyone can sharpen their tools like a professional with SharpWorx

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Become a professional

Learn how to sharpen your tools like a
professional to produce quality work with smooth
cuts and accuracy.


Alberto - California

I’ve used sharpeners before and could never
get the results I wanted. They always wore
down my knives and never made them very
sharp. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed my
kitchen knives.

David - Illinois

I worried the sharpener would be a waste
of time. I was wrong. I will never use a dull
knife again.

Enjoy cooking, carving and working

with sharp tools it makes it easy

Creator and CEO of Sharpworx