At SharpWorx we provide Guided Knife Sharpeners, so you’ll sharpen like a pro and have razor sharp knives and tools.


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Our Products

SharpWorx Utility
SharpWorx Utility

UTILITY: Designed for utility purposes including sharpening pocket knives, tools and chisels.

  • Adjustable Angle
  • Magnetic Holder
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Pocket Knives
  • Chisels

MASTER: Designed for the BBQ lover or home cook to give your kitchen knives a perfect edge. Its minimalism design makes it easy to use.

  • Natural Free Hand Motion
  • Magnetic Holder
  • Kitchen Knives

PROFESSIONAL: Designed for the knife enthusiast. It has maximum flexibility in holders, stones, and angles.

  • Natural Free Hand Motion
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Magnetic Holder
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Pocket Knives
  • Any Size Stone

Your Complete Guide To Sharpening knives

7 Tips To having sharp knives

We have the solution

Our Sharpeners Meet the 3
Requirements for Sharpening

#1.) Proper Stones

The wrong stone can damage your knife. That is why chefs and SharpWorx use water stones. The coarse and fine stone make the knife razor sharp.

#2.) Right Angle

Without the right angle you will never get your knife sharp. SharpWorx sharpeners keep your angle perfect until it is razor sharp.

#3.) Proper Technique

Chefs train for years to sharpen their knives. SharpWorx sharpeners copies their movement and gives you sharp knives without the years of training.

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Upgrade your kitchen toolkit with the Master Sharpener

 the perfect solution for home cooks looking to keep their 
knives sharp and ready to use.

See how the Professional 
works with the

Clamp Holder​

See how the Professional works
 with the

magnetic holder works​

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