A survival knife’s versatility as a tool and weapon places it among the top three items in your pack. No woodsman should be without a reliable knife.


Following are the 8 out of numerous techniques, in which a survival knife can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency.

1. Scrape with the Spine

A square knife spine and sharp edges are not to everyone’s taste.

And many of us would prefer that our knife spines had a saw back or a fake edge.

However, you can use it for some significant scraping tasks provided you do have a clean, square spine.

Instead of dulling your knife edge by scraping the fire-making metal alloy rod, use a square spine to create a shower of incendiary sparks.

2. Use a Hardwood Baton as a Hatchet

You can baton your way through firewood and even perform some rudimentary wood carving by using a hardwood stick against the spine of your knife and hammering it.

3. Drill a hole

Drill teeny holes in bits of bone with a sharp knife tip to use as fishhooks and needles.

You can quickly drill through softer materials if you are just back and forth-twist your blade.

4. Make a spear

Some knives include removable handle scales and skeleton handles that are specifically made to rest firmly against staff or poles. They provide us with the spear when lashed firmly in place and can be used for both protection and hunting.

5. Set out a distress signal

Shiny knives can serve as a very simple signal mirror by reflecting sunlight to indicate a problem. To make the light reflect off the knife blade, you’ll need to hold it in a certain position. Sooner or later, your flash will be noticed.

6. Dig into the ground

Larger knives can act as a trowel in an emergency if you need to dig. Your knife can assist you when working in the soil, whether it is for digging out edible roots and tubers or cat holes.

7. Hammer with the Handle

A survival knife’s thick handle can be used as a makeshift hammer. Your knife could feature a pommel that comes to a point for precise impact depending on the brand and type. Additionally, it might feature a flattened pommel with a textured grip for pounding stakes, cracking nuts, and breaking open shellfish.

8. Make a Projectile Out of Your Knife

Even though you might merely be “throwing your knife away,” you might also capture prey or defend yourself from a safe distance which makes throwing knives an advantageous means to survive in the wild.

Here’s what you should remember

Remember, your knife will need to be sharpened after any of the methods mentioned above you try, or it will become a dull blade.

To keep that from happening, it’ll be worth it to visit sharpworx as they provide plenty of knife sharpeners that’ll keep your blades razor sharp for eternity.