You might disregard a pocketknife as useless, but did you know that a child on the verge of passing away is still breathing all because of an ordinary pocket knife?


Logan Simmons, a 19-year-old Chick-Fil-A employee, saw a toddler choking on a seatbelt in a car at the drive-through on June 25. Logan climbed the drive-through window, grabbed his pocketknife, and freed the kid, sparing him from certain death.

Knife Rights presented Logan with the Carry a Knife — Save a Life AwardTM because of his deeds.

According to Doug Ritter of Knife Rights, Logan Simmons’ decision to carry a knife always is a striking witness to the value of doing so. “These scenarios cannot be predicted, as Logan learned, so you never know when your knife will mean the difference between life and death.”

The organization Knife Rights is dedicated to making sure that law-abiding Americans can carry any knife they desire to be ready for any difficulties they may have to face without unreasonable limitations that do nothing to deter crime

Logan received almost $5,000 in EDC knives, including one-hand-opening folders, autos, and fixed blades that he can carry in Georgia, as well as an award certificate from colleagues in the knife industry. Each of the contributors gave Logan a showcase knife and a carry knife.

Logan also received a certificate for a lifetime membership in Knife Rights, one for him to attend BLADE Show 2020 as a VIP guest of Knife Rights and BLADE® Magazine, and one from W.A. Surls Knives and Pop’s Knife Supply of Braselton, Georgia, for a two-day knife making experience where Logan will make a knife from scratch using Pop’s supplies.

As long as it is kept sharp, a knife, no matter its size, can always be handy. It is wise to carry a pocketknife around with you since you never know when an accident might occur.

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