Collection: The Original SLIDE SHARP: Knife and Chisel Sharpener, Adjust the angle slide the blade along the stone at the perfect angle for a razor edge

This is an original design for a knife sharpener. The design solves the age old problem of keeping your blade angle perfect while sharpening. There is also no set up time other than oiling the stone; there is no clamping the blade, instantly the blade can be sharpened.

The sharpener keeps a perfect angle using a sliding mechanism to guide the blade along the Arkansas Soft Whetstone, a good general use stone. The angle is adjustable with a built in goniometer (precise angle adjustment) for angles from 10° to 40°. A chisel guide can be added or removed based upon the tool you are sharpening. The sharpener is set on a stained wood base that has rubber feet for traction. The entire assembly can be disassembled for cleaning or for swapping out the stone.

After sharpening, the blade can easily slice through vegetables, paper, and wood with ease.

See here for how it works:

You will receive:
-Arkansas soft stone (8" x 2" x 1/2")
-Sharpening fixture with slide
-2 oz. sharpening oil
-Reusable cardboard box for storage

Other Highlights:
-Adjustable Angle (10° to 40°)
-Combination chisel and knife sharpener
-The slide moves along the stone with zero contact which will make it last for years.
-Can be used on any non-serrated knifes.
-Not intended for serrated knifes
-Custom design can be done for other stone sizes
-Custom angles can be designed
-Designed and made in Bellaire, TX USA
-Extremely fast to use
-Handsome design that can sit on a desk
-Chisel sharpener up to 1-1/4 inch wide

Patent Pending
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