Throughout history, there have been plenty of times when people, who were on the edge of passing away, were brought back to life, all because of ordinary knives.

The following are a few of the numerous instances where knives have saved people’s lives.

On Route 20 in Marengo, David Kieffer was operating his Chevrolet S-10 pickup when he was hit from behind by a semi truck. He was stuck inside when his car took fire.

James Halterman, a National Guard veteran who served three tours in Afghanistan, and professional stuntman Dan Narciso helped Kieffer because they were close. The seatbelt was cut by Halterman using his Gerber Covert 154CM knife, and the two men then removed Kieffer from the blazing pickup.

The charred knife was discovered by firefighters amid the rubble, and it was given to Kieffer. He then sent what remained of the knife along with a note to Gerber’s customer service division, and business personnel had it framed and inscribed with a thank-you note for the brave act.

During his tractor’s power takeoff, a farmer from North Dakota gets his work jacket sleeve hooked.

His fingers and arm are about to be crushed by the rotating shaft as he attempts to free the material, but he manages to swiftly open a one-hander he has in his pocket, cut the cloth, and get it closed.

In another story, an Arizona EMT finds the driver stuck behind the wheel when they arrive at the site of an automobile accident. For the pry bar to release the passenger, he had to use one hand. He cut the seatbelt with his other hand and completes the rescue by grabbing his one-hand opener.

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