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At SharpWorx we provide...Guided Knife Sharpeners, so you'll sharpen like a pro and have razor sharp knives and tools.

Top Featured Products

  • SharpWorx Utility: Adjustable Angle Knife Sharpener

    This product will be available later in 2023. Please email me for details if you are interested in joining the wait list for the future -rerelease of this product. This is an original design for a knife sharpener. This innovative design keeps your blade angle perfect while sharpening. There is also no set up time, there is no clamping the blade, instantly the blade can be sharpened. The sharpener keeps a perfect angle using a sliding mechanism to guide the blade along the stone. A coarse stone is provided for forming the edge, a fine stone for polishing the edge, and the leather strop finishes the edge making it sharp enough to shave with. The angle is adjustable with a built in goniometer (precise angle adjustment) for angles from 10° to 40°.   Usage Video Instructions
  • SharpWorx Professional: Guided Free Hand Sharpener

    04 reviews
    This sharpener copies the movement of freehand sharpening while maintaining the perfect angle for the user. This sharpener can be used with any stone size up to 10inches long.  Stones can be purchased separately. The first release of the aluminum version was released in January. Customers who bought the sharpener have been very pleased with it. The second order of sharpeners have a target ship date to customers of May 30th 2023.
Essential Tips for Knife Sharpening and Maintenance

Do you have expensive,

but dull knives?

Do you have expensive knives that have not been sharpened since you got your first place? Can they still slice?

#1.) Water Stones

The wrong stone can damage your knife. That is why chefs and SharpWorx use water stones. The coarse and fine stone make the knife razor sharp.

#2.) Right Angle

Without the right angle you will never get your knife sharp. SharpWorx sharpeners keep your angle perfect until it is razor sharp.

#3.) Correct Technique

Chefs train for years to sharpen their knives. SharpWorx sharpeners copies their movement and gives you sharp knives without the years of training.

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