In addition to the typical items you carry every day with you; wallet, keys, and phone, there should be a knife.

Moreover, not just any knife. But a Swiss Army knife and here’s why.

According to a press release from Victorinox, a 38-year-old man was driving in Germany on November 10 when he unexpectedly lost control of his car.

This man’s vehicle crossed into the path of oncoming traffic, slammed into a roadside signpost, struck a tree, and overturned into a ditch. After everything was said and done, the automobile was burning on its hood and upside down.

The man was obviously in a lot of distress.

Like any decent person would Mr. Rüdiger made a stop along with a few others to see if they could save the trapped man from being burned to death. Here is a more accurate description of the scene:

The front axle of the wrecked car was on fire. The motorist was left hanging upside down in his seatbelt and was in critical condition. The helpers at the site were unable to remove the man’s seatbelt even though there was no time to waste.

As no one was able to undo the seatbelt, Rüdiger, 73, pulled out his knife, a 40-year-old Swiss Army knife that he had acquired while on vacation in Switzerland.

Quickly slicing through the belt with the knife, the man was extricated from the vehicle burned, and injured. The victim was saved by Rüdiger at the risk of his own life. The man would not have been able to exit the vehicle if Rüdiger hadn’t been there with his Swiss Army knife.

This should serve as a gentle reminder to have a knife, preferably a Swiss Army knife, in your pocket or purse at all times, And now that you’ve decided to buy one, be sure to also purchase a knife sharpener because it’ll keep your knife forever sharp.

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