SharpWorx Professional: Guided Free Hand Sharpener

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Include Magnetic Holder

Sharpen like the most experience free-hand knife sharpener. This sharpener copies the movement of freehand sharpening, while maintaining the perfect angle for the user. 

This sharpener can be used with any stone size. This includes the stone holder and the sharpening fixture. Stones can be purchased separately. 

The standard knife holder can be swapped out for Magnetic Knife Holder. The magnetic knife holder used two N52 neodymium rare earth magnets to securely hold your knife in place. This removes the need for clamp and speeds up the setup process. 


  1. Install any stone.
  2. Set the angle on the sharpener, 10°-25° Angle
  3. Level the horizontal rod with the bubble level.
  4. Clamp the knife
  5. Sharpen

 Please allow 1 week for shipping.

 No stone is included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Raymond Hughes
The Best

Takes a little practice to get the stroke right

Vinny Murgolo
Excellent Sharpener

I love to cook and having sharp knives is a must. I loved the idea of using wet stones for sharpening my knives but I was too nervous to freehand them. Using this sharpener let’s me put different size stones on it and adjusting the angle to accommodate my different knives is awesome. The bubble level is a nice feature to make sure you’re on the right angle. It came with a super strong magnet that kept my knife in place and the guides to push/pull the knife across the stone was so smooth. I’ve had friends and family ask me to sharpen their utility and kitchen knives and having the adjustment from 10-25 degrees is fantastic. I’m going to be using this for a long time!