Master Sharpener

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Sharpen like a professional with the SharpWorx Master Sharpener. Sharpen your knives in the same way professional chefs and craftsmen do. Never have a dull knife in your kitchen, tackle box, or workshop again.

The sharpener perfectly fits on countertops and can easily be stored in a drawer or pantry. Its wide base includes silicon traction pads that make sure it never slips or slides. The standard dual grit stone comes with a coarse side and a fine side ensuring that a knife can be sharpened no matter its condition. The magnetic knife holder with a silicone rubber pad uses an N52 Neodymium magnet to ensure that the knife is secured firmly before sharpening. For smaller knives, the small knife holder can be slipped on to allow for a variety of knives to be sharpened. The knife holder can be moved in any direction except for the angle of the blade allowing for natural sharpening movement while keeping a perfect angle. The SharpWorx Master sharpener allows anyone to sharpen in the same way a culinary professionals do. 

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

  • Wide Base: The wide base makes the sharpener stable while in use. While stroking the knife across the stone there won’t be any movement that would damage the knife.
  • Traction Pads: With five traction pads across the base, it has a sturdy grip with the countertop or surface it is sitting on.
  • Magnetic Holder with Rubber Pad: Using a N52 neodymium rare earth magnet the knife is firmly held in place as it is sharpened. The rubber pad covering the magnet prevents the knife from being marked and makes for an extra firm grip.
  • Pivoting holder: The pivoting knife holder allows for the knife to be moved in multiple directions and allows for the tip of the knife to be sharpened perfectly.
  • Small knife holder: Install the small knife holder for smaller knives such as paring knives that don’t require as much surface area to grip.
  • Simple Storage: Disassemble the sharpener for storage in a small place or to keep in the box.
  • Upgradable Stones: Additional stones with finer grits can also be used in the sharpener to get an even sharper knife.

Customer Reviews

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Juan Mata
Highly recommend it!

Used the Master Sharpener on multiple knives of varying sizes in my kitchen. It works great, and it's easy to use. I was quite impressed with how it even left my cleaver razor sharp. My wife loves the results, and we are highly recommending this product to friends and family.

Michael Bliss
Great device

Easy to use and by switching to an Arkansas stone I got razor sharp results

choon ng
Sharpen my knives quickly

This is a very easy to use sharpener. Highly recommended!

So Easy.....So Sharp!

Always had trouble getting a good sharp blade so decided to try the SharpWorx......glad I did.
Super easy to assemble and made out of high quality material. It will last a long time.
Sharpened my first knife and several minutes later it's done. Cuts through paper!
And Mamma is super excited too.

Amazing results

I didn’t know how to sharpen my Wustof knives. I started using the sharpener and my knives are very sharp.