There are few items as practical, versatile, and adaptable as pocket-sized folding knives.

They can be useful for both, your indoor and outdoor needs.

The Indoor uses of a Pocket knife

Following are some of the many indoor uses for a pocket knife.

1. Open a bottle

A Pocket knife can substitute for a corkscrew or bottle opener if you don’t have either available. You can use your knife to pry open a beer bottle by pressing the blade against the bottom, provided you use caution.


2. Removing batteries


You can carefully use a Pocket knife to pop the batteries out of your remote control if you just cut your nails and are having problems removing some stubborn cells.

3. Peeling Stickers

You can remove those annoying stickers with the edge of a knife as long as you take care not to scrape the material beneath them.

4. Cooking

Knives inside the house are most useful when it comes to cooking, you can peel, chop, and slice meat or veggies with few knife skills.

Indoor uses are done.

Here are the outdoor uses of a Pocket knife

1. Hunting

Hunters have used Pocket knives for thousands of years to skin and clean their prey, though it will undoubtedly be simpler the smaller your animal is. If you are a novice hunter or don’t have a seasoned hunter to show you the ropes, you probably shouldn’t try this.

2. Preparing kindle

When using damp logs to make a fire, kindling can be a lifesaver. A Pocket knife can also come in handy for chopping small twigs and wood chips into viable fire starters.

3. Cutting Firewood

Although splitting firewood with a Pocket knife may seem laborious, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It will only take longer than using a hatchet. You can split your firewood by hammering a Pocket knife into it with a mallet, stone, or another sturdy object you have on hand.

These were some of the many ways how knives can be advantageous in the absence of something.

However, you might not be able to make use of your knife in the ways mentioned above and that’ll solely be because of a dull blade.
Try sharpworx’s knife sharpeners to practically use your knife in the ways mentioned above as they’ll make your knives sharp enough to do so.