Everyday someone pulls a knife out of their drawer to chop, cut or slice food and finds it difficult to do so because their knives are dull. The knives don’t work well and take a lot of effort, and they ruin the food in the process.

Their sharpening problem…

  • They don’t know how to sharpen their knives including the following
    • the angle to sharpen at
    • the correct stone grit to use
    • the correct technique
  • Don’t know what a sharp knife feels like or how much easier and enjoyable it makes cooking and meal prep
  • Fear of damaging the knife or getting hurt.
  • Belief their knives never go dull due to savvy knife commercials or salesmen
  • The knives they bought doesn’t come with sharpening instructions or a sharpener

The sharpening solution…

Many people have seen chefs freehand sharpen their knives on waterstones. It looks complicated and intimidating and it would take a lot of practice, which is true. But what if this technique could be given to the average home cook….

  • Full sharpening kit… equipment, instructions, and training
  • Water stones – that match what professional chefs and knife sharpeners would use. They have a coarse side for edge formation and a fine side for edge polishing.
  • Angle guide – that holds that angle as you sharpen so you have a clean straight edge with no rounding.
  • Sharpening Fixture – that copies the motion of freehand experts and allows even the most novice sharpener to sharpen their knives.

Look at this comparison of how this expert sharpens their knife freehand vs. with the SharpWorx Master….

 Its as easy as 1, 2, 3….

  1. Soak the stone
  2. Attach the knife
  3. Sharpen like a pro

But there are other sharpeners…

It is true, there are other sharpeners on the market that will sharpen, however